Remarks at the Dedication of Permanent Exhibit
Du Ruiqing

President, Shaanxi Translators Association
President, Xi'an International Studies University

The Provincial Library
2:30 pm, Monday 17 May 2004


Dear President Bud Philbrook,Vice President Michele Gran,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Friends and colleagues:

Good afternoon and welcome to the Dedication.

First of all, allow me to quote our beloved, late chairman Mao Zedong. He said in one of his messages of greetings: “It is not hard for one to do a bit of good. What is hard is to do good all one’s life…” All the members of the volunteers who are with us today and who are not present here on this occasion have done good all their lives. In so far as their China project is concerned, they have persisted in doing many good things over the past 9 years.

This exhibit that we are dedicating today documents, in pictures and in words, the undeniable fact that many good things have been done, and done many times over the past 9 years. More than 1100 volunteers, mostly Americans, have traveled across the ocean to come to our nation, our province, our communities, and have donated, with utter sincerity and unselfishness, their time and expertise to assist us in our efforts for social and economic development. They have extended the hand of friendship and they have made a difference in the lives of our people. Their generosity and contributions will go into the annals of our history.

This is an important achievement to be acknowledged and remembered. The exhibit will help those of us who have been here and who have been a part of this effort. It will help us look back and appreciate the significance of what we have together accomplished. The exhibit will also serve as a historical marker for the future generations for whom this effort was dedicated. It is the future generations of China and America who will benefit from the friendship and understanding this program has accomplished.

Today and this week this exhibit will be on display in the Exhibition Hall of the Shaanxi Provincial Library here in Xi'an. However, it will soon move to its permanent location, in the library of the new school in An Shang Village, Fufeng County, built through the efforts and donations of Global Volunteers and the people across China. There it will stand as both a record and an inspiration. When you view it you will hear its silent plea: "May we together continue to do good things for a very long time to come."

Thank you.


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