Remarks offered by the President of Global Volunteers
Mr. Bud Philbrook
Book and Film Premier

Monday 17 May 2004

Thank you Professor Bai Yong Quan, for your thoughtful comments.

What a truly wonderful film and such an appropriate title - "Sowing Friendship".Mr. Ma Ke (maw KUH) you are to be congratulated for producing a masterful piece of work.This film says so much in words and Image about the tremendous hospitality of the Chinese people in general and the Sino American Society and the Shaanxi Translators Association in particular.You have welcomed us into your hearts and homes and this film captures that joy through the smiling Chinese and American faces.I am truly awed by what you have produced.

I am also very pleased that this film will be shown throughout China.It is a testament to Sino American friendship that every Chinese citizen should see.Likewise, every American should be made aware of this testament.It is my hope that after this film has been subtitled in English that it will be shown on Public Television throughout the United States so that all Americans can realize that lasting peace between our nations is possible because we are friends.It is written that “no one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a bed.Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light.”This film is like a lamp and we must put it on a stand so that all can see the light.Thank you for this magnificent tribute to the work we do together.

When I first read this remarkable book I was struck by the overwhelming kindness and thoughtfulness expressed in its words.An Wei, you have written about our friendship and our common journey for peace with superb poetry.I know it is a book of photos, and the Image are wonderful.There is page after page, photo after photo, of smiles – American smiles, Chinese smiles, young and old, male and female, small and large, formal and informal, but all of them, happy and joyful.It is the visual image of the moments when perceptions were altered, and lives were forever changed.It is a beautiful and inspiring collection.

However, it is the words that I find most compelling – words of hope, words of joy, words of love, and words of friendship.I want to place my order today for 1,000 copies so that we can give one to every member of the United States Congress, every state Governor, CEO’s of the top 100 U.S. companies and 100 major NGO’s, Mayors of U.S. cities, the President of the United States and the Secretary General of the United Nations.This is a wonderful book and I commend and congratulate you, An Wei, as editor-in-chief of "Forging Peace through Service" for your tremendous work.And I thank the Sino American Society and the Shaanxi Translators Association for this stunning achievement.

Thank you.