Reply Toast by Bud Philbrook
President and CEO of Global Volunteers
(Tang Dynasty Theatre, Monday May 17, 2004)


Thank you Dr. Sun for that wonderful toast.

Global Volunteers is honored to be a part of the opening up process that is underway in China today.We are very honored to be the first American NGO invited to serve in the post-revolutionary People's Republic of China.We are so very pleased that our volunteers could come here and donate their time and expertise in ways that serve the critical needs for your development as a society.

But make no mistake about it.Global Volunteers did not make this happen.The Chinese people are the ones who are making this happen.Without your understanding of the need for English language education, our efforts to teach would be meaningless.Without your understanding of the need to open up and reform your society, our efforts to explain the successful strategies in western business, law and medicine would fall on deaf ears.

This only proves the essential truth embodied in our Philosophy of Service.Local people must initiate and conduct their own development efforts.Outsiders can only work under the direction of local leaders. Local people embody their cultural, social and economic issues.They know their needs and priorities.They realize the barriers to, as well as the possibilities for, their development.

There is an old saying, which goes, "Behold the Turtle, He only makes forward progress when he sticks his neck out."Progress is only made because of the leadership of local people.Global Volunteers has thrived in China because of the outstanding leadership displayed time and again by our hosts and the network of people who embrace these goals and aspirations.

Dr. Sun, you spoke of being an English teacher.But you are so modest.You not only taught English, but you also inspired a generation.Your students included Dr. Du Rui Qing, President of the Xi'an International Studies University, An Wei, President of the Sino American Society, Ma Ke, Secretary General of the Shaanxi Translators Association, and many, many others, too numerous to mention, who have been instrumental in these reforms.

Therefore I would like to propose a toast to our Chinese hosts, to you Dr. Sun, to Dr. Du Rui Qing, An Wei, Ma Ke, the Board of Directors and staff of the Sino American Society and the Shaanxi Translators Association, to your friends and supporters in the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, and to your friends and admirers here assembled.May you enjoy success in your endeavors, prosperity, long life, and the satisfaction that comes from service to the people.



祝酒辞—巴  德    ( English   中文 )
祝酒辞—孙天义    ( English   中文 )