Remarks offered by Michele Gran
Vice President and Co-Founder of Global Volunteers
Dedication of Permanent Exhibit

The Provincial Library, 2:30pm, Monday 17 May 2004

Thank you, Dr. Du Ruiqing.

The Chinese have many appropriate sayings for occasions such as this.I am reminded of what Chairman Mao Zedong once said which I understand is translated as follows:"In the final analysis, it is the people and the people alone who are the real masters in creating world history."

When Global Volunteers responded to the invitation of the Sino American Society of Shaanxi Province and the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government to send volunteers to help teach English in your schools, we did not have in mind the goal of creating history.Instead, we had the simple goal of helping Americans find an opportunity to serve and learn from and about the Chinese people.

But our efforts alone would not have made a difference.It was the people, the volunteers from America, and the people of China, who made it possible for 100 teams and 1100 volunteers to serve and learn over the last 9 years.

This exhibition shows what the people can accomplish when given the opportunity.

It shows the people engaged in each other.

It shows the genuine bonds of friendship that have been created by the people who have connected as friends despite their cultural and language difference.

It shows history being made.

I want to thank the Sino American Society and the Shaanxi Translators Association for the extraordinary hard work in putting this exhibition together.It is a beautiful testament to this wonderful program.

Thank you.


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